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Wednesday, October 13, 1999

Edward the Confessor
1004 - 1066

Edward the Confessor was crowned King of England instead of his elder brother on account of something St. Dunstan prophesied. He abolished a tax called the Dane-Gelt because he saw a devil dancing on the money when it was brought in; and he looked on mildly while a young man robbed the treasury, explaining afterward that a robber's need must be greater than that of the royal household.

He met St. John the Divine disguised as a beggar, and gave him a ring; a quarter century later, the heavenly favourite sent it back to him by two pilgrims, with word that the time had come for him to leave his throne and come be with him forever.

He built, or rebuilt, Westminster Abbey.

[from The International Herald Tribune]
1949: Fashion Reacts:

PARIS - Modified "zoot suits," green laced ski-boots and a prune-coloured dinner jacket blazed forth in Paris in what one tailor called the city's first fashion show for men. "Man is in a state of vestimentary inferiority," Gaston Waltener proclaimed. "It is against this lack of breeding and style which, alas, characterize contemporary masculine fashion, that a demonstration like that of today seeks to react."

Linda did not get seasick. But, she almost did. I don't think that she was altogether happy with this afternoon's choice of activities.

Near the Star Ferry terminus on the Kowloon side we began an assisted drift that carried us past the western shoreline of the Kowloon Peninsula and the New Territories. After we passed under the Tsing Ma Bridge, the world's longest suspension bridge, we saw nothing else of any interest.

Following a very late lunch at The Regent Hotel, a mini-nap turned into a twelve-hour sleep.

Thursday, October 14, 1999

NEWNES doesn't tell us if Harold knew Edward. Anyway:

At this battle?

Dominic Loricatus
995 - 1060

The parents of Dominic of the Iron Cuirass bribed a bishop to ordain him. He never got over his remorse at having made so inauspicious a start toward spiritual perfection, and wore the cuirass or coat of mail next to his skin to keep himself uncomfortable about it. His strength was such that he could discharge a whole century of penance in a week, on his own back or on the backs of his sinful people, at the rate of three thousand lashes for a year.

[from The International Herald Tribune]
1924: Evolving Badly

MACON, Georgia - Doctor Henry Fox, a prominent Southern scientist and instructor at Mercer University, was forced to resign, by the Board of Trustees. The Board voted to ask for Dr, Fox's resignation after having charged him with teaching the evolution of man, which they said was not in harmony with "The principles upon which a Christian college ought to be founded." The student body of the school, in a mass-meeting held after the news became known, unanimously protested against the Board's action.

The luncheon menu at the Spring Moon Cantonese restaurant (here at the Peninsula Hotel) suggests a three-ounce portion of Abalone. Not at "Market Price", as is usually the case with pricey offerings, but for the fixed sum of HK$7,500.00 (about a thousand, US). I once read about the whys of this costly cut of fish but I don't remember any of these whys. We didn't eat that.

This year Halloween falls on the evening of the morning that we leave Bangkok for Miami. That is why Linda asked the Chinese whore where she bought her shoes. You see, otherwise there would be no time to put together a proper costume for the night of October 31st. Besides, it is always sensible to shop on a full stomach. She didn't find what she wanted.

Friday, October 15, 1999

NEWNES, digging for the obscure, discovers:

But, more helpful to Man, NEWNES notes:

[from The International Herald Tribune]
1899: Animal Rights

PARIS - An attempt is to be made in Paris to forward the interest of humanity by opening a free exhibition where will be on view drawings and paintings of the apparatus used by vivisectors for torturing their helpless victims, and wherein will be given away a large quantity of anti-vivisection literature.

Peninsula PoolThe Peninsula Hotel need never be left. We spent the morning at the spectacular hotel pool with its fabulous view of Hong Kong. The afternoon was leisured away in Imasa, the Japanese restaurant. There was no need to walk the streets of Hong Kong.

Tonight will be very different, however.

And tomorrow morning we are booked on the Dragonair flight to Shanghai.

Up next: My Shanghai Journal

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